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Trims, Accessories and still more...

Ingwe has amassed a vast library of sample books over the last 35 years. Our collection covers all trim categories from the best makers around the world. It continues to grow as new products are crafted, fashions change and new sustainable alternatives start matching old traditions.


Sample books are your go to place when you need inspiration. They provided a comparison product that helps you make the right decision that keeps you on track to meet the new season deadline.


Our partners, like us, take a lot of pride in show casing their products. Sample books allow you to see, feel and even hear how that right trim will behave when it becomes one with your creation.

We know our customers love them too because, at any one time, we have 30 of them out on loan. 

As we move into the digital age, so it is time to start bringing those resources on-line too. This section of our web site will allow you to search and explore for that inspiration that you seek.

Then of course, we look forward to the familiar conversation of ...

"...we love this one but... we want it a little different like...."


And that will continue to be what we do best.

In the time being, please continue to reach out and ask us for specialty sample ranges for your next seasons garments in development.

Kind Regards

Andrew Holland and the team.

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